Phonetics of Indigenous Languages


LING 211 - B1 Instructor: Benjamin V. Tucker

University of Alberta | Summer Term 2013 | Lecture

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Class Number: TBA

Units/Credits: 3

Class Components: Lecture (Required)



Career: Undergrad

Location: TBA

Campus: Main Campus


Notes: Prerequisite: LING 101 or LING 111.

Course Description:

Recognizing, transcribing and producing speech sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet; problems in phonetic analysis, elementary acoustic phonetics, techniques for describing the sound system of Canadian Indigenous languages.


This course is part of the

Community Linguist Certificate!

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 What previous students have said about this class:

I was happy with the content of the course, it will help me to better speak and write in my language.

Very useful for the preservation of cultural and traditional practices.

It was very interesting and helps with understanding sound and how it relates to language and language archiving, transcribing.