Community Language Archiving


LING 311 - B2 Instructor: Andrea Berez

University of Alberta | Summer Term 2013 | Lecture

Registration will open on Bear Tracks on February 15th.


Class Number: TBA

Units/Credits: 3

Class Components: Lecture (Required)



Career: Undergrad

Location: TBA

Campus: Main Campus


Notes: Prerequisite: LING 101 or LING 111 or consent of the instructor.

Course Description:

Provides speakers and other community members with an understanding of best practices in designing, creating and maintaining a language archive within their own community. Includes issues around digitization of older resources (print and audio/video), controlling access to sensitive materials and developing a user-friendly interface to the archive. Models of indigenous language archives from around the world will examined.

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 What previous students have said about this class:

Very happy with the content. I now know the importance of having a language archive! Especially if your language is endangered and you are working on language revival.

It gave me a better understanding of what archiving is and the importance of digital archiving.

I was happy with the content because the info is relevant and I can apply it to my community.