Sharing Circle

We have conducted exit surveys during each CILLDI summer session. The following reflections are indicative of how strongly students feel about what the Institute has offered them. Happily, these comments are common:

  • I appreciated the cultural activities, the Elders, the excellent classes, and the first day when we all sat in a circle and had a chance to share a bit.
  • In all my years of taking courses I have never enjoyed a course as I did this one.
  • I'm really glad to see an Institute such as this one because for years I've been looking to improve myself in the area of language work and curriculum and so forth as it relates to Native languages. It has been difficult to find courses in Canada that offer this. I hope it grows into something bigger.
  • People from the university level, people with PhDs or Masters, they're getting involved with more or less the grassroots people and I think that's a very good move.
  • Continuing to speak the Cree language was most useful to me; listening to elders speaking in Cree was just as important. The cultural component was very beneficial.
  • Everything was great. I especially liked the cultural component. I have never experienced this kind of instruction. It is very interesting and keeps you focused.
  • I actually took this course because I had heard this instructor was 'awesome.' I was not disappointed.
  • Keep it up! Let's all bring one more person next year.
  • I enjoyed the Elders' stories and the field trips we went on.
  • The best thing about CILLDI this year was the effort to include people in student/staff meetings and social gatherings. CILLDI staff is the best thing about CILLDI.